At Torfastadir we have a wide selection of breeding mares, stallions and horses for sale. The background for breeding horses at Torfastadir was that Ólafur and Drifa baught to foals, born 1981 and 1982 and as time went be it became clear that these mares gave very good offsprings.

Those were Gefn IS1981284600 from Gerðum and Vera IS1982287057 from Kjarnholtum. Gefn´s father is Ófeigur from Flugumýri and Vera´s father is Hrafn from Holtsmúli.

Of course it took many years to come to the conclusion that these mares were breeding mares but both had offsprings 1989 from Goði from Sauðárkróki. Gefn had the mare Hildisif from Torfastöðum and Vera had Randalín from Torfastöðum IS198928750

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