Hárekur IS1995188508

Name: HÁREKUR IS1995188508 of Torfastaðir
Gefn (6511) of Gerðum IS1981286052
Otur of Sauðárkróki IS1982151001
Offsprings: Randfríður IS1999288504, Snjálaug IS1999288506, Særekur IS1999188502, Hrist IS2999288502 Hnoss IS2004288504, Gersemi IS2004288503
Description: Hárekur is the first stallion that was owned and used at Torfastaðir. He is the son of Otur frá Sauðárkróki and Gefn frá Gerðum. Gefn was the daughter of Ófeigur from Flugumýri. Hárekur is a very good breading horse and was delightful to ride. Nów he has a bad knee so he is only used for breeding.